One Horse Landed

One Horse Landed

September 2023
Book & Poster Wraparound
21W x 26H cm
40 pages printed on 120gsm Munken Lynx Rough
Saddle stitched with black wire
Designed by Tom Joyes

‘One Horse Landed’ emerges as a natural evolution from my ongoing project, ‘Computers Can't Jump’, where I harness the potential of Recurrent Neural Networks to craft abstract and intriguing titles for art works.  ‘One Horse Landed’ surfaced as one of these machine-generated titles.

Drawing inspiration from the title, I embarked on a deep exploration of it’s artistic possibilities, blending my own archive of images with the nostalgic, gritty texture of xerox art and an assortment of found imagery. The result is an uncanny tapestry of horses, metamorphosis, alien life forms and otherworldly landscapes.

This project unravels the complex dance between human imagination and machine inference. ‘One Horse Landed’ not only challenges our perception of familiar forms but also delves into the realm of speculative futures, juxtaposing the terrestrial with the extraterrestrial. It's a testament to the vastness of creative possibilities when human artistry collides with machine abstraction.

Foraging on the frontiers of 21st century synthetic creativity before the advent of today’s AI engines, Ben Millar Cole playfully delved into the orbit of Recurrent Neural Networks in search of new possibilities within photographic abstraction. Synthesising computer-generated images with his own photographic work, Computers Can’t Jump explodes with Millar Cole’s unrelenting creation and curation. Often comical and discordant, the photographs convey clashes in translation between human and machine, words and images. In its realised form, his concept-driven collection retunes the human gaze to reconsider the rules of photographic montage – a seeking, prompting and destroying of images into pixels to fuse and make anew” Madeline Yale Preston, PhD